Shoe Love: A Humble Hypothesis Posted on 19 Sep 17:25

That women love shoes is a truth universally accepted. The question to explore is: why?? 

A friend of mine, who believes this fascination to be hardwired in the female brain, pointed out that it started for his daughter before age 2: "no, Daddy, not those shoes!" she would shriek when he was getting her dressed in the morning if he dared to select the wrong pair. And thinking back on myself and some of the little ladies I have known, I'm not sure he's wrong. But why would that be the case? I'd like to hypothesize that the ancient gatherer in us, who is biologically programmed to keenly differentiate between poisonous and edible plants, now exercises that eye for color, shape, and texture on the part of her own body that is easily and frequently seen: the feet. Dare I see that the feet are the mirror of the soul? In the absence of mirrors and reflections, a lady might only ruminate on her corporeal appearance by staring down. It is of the utmost importance that something pleasing stare back at her. 

Shoes are a necessary (or mostly necessary) prosthetic limb that we strap on to ourselves everyday in order to function. And in being such, they allow us to shape-shift. Should that limb not be as magnificent as possible? Should it not manifest the image of the woman that I see myself as? Should it not manifest the feminine dreams of this soul who has been regrettably born into only one body. Changing shoes is the closest we get to slipping into another body -- something that most women would do regularly if possible.  Viewed from from this perspective, a shoe obsession becomes the practice of a very practical art. An everyday magic. And when done well, the transformed lady wields a great deal of power....